Organic Fertilizer & Flower Stimulator


Immuno – Organic fertilizer

IMMUNO is Organic fertilizers Derived from Sea Source Immuno are doctored on the plant. The plant will display a higher immunity against diseases and pests such as green-fly, whitefly and will have an ameliorated growth pattern.

  • IMMUNO will encourage vigor in the plant growth cycle as it consists nutritional deporting minerals and enzymes.
  • IMMUNO consists of a sponge-like porous part called the alginates, a type of algae. This part has a dominant role to play in the root system strengthening. The fertilizers when sprayed from the tip of the leaves to the roots of the plant, alginates holds the residue of the organic manure near the roots giving them a comfortable access to moisture, without making them soggy and wet with the mixture.
  • IMMUNO contains elements called natural plant hormones. They are Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, and Betaines, required in minor proportions but they do contribute to the overall plant health.
  • The natural plant auxins are a major hormonal component that regulates the speed at which the plant develops. Auxins, have a tendency to increase the growth and flower buds to unfold at the right time.
  • Cytokinins are another group of hormones in the organic IMMUNO that judiciously distributes nutrients and minerals in the soil. The aging process in plants also known as the senescence.
  • Biotic ResistanceFungal & Bacterial, viral pathogens, and Insecticide Resistance.
  • A biotic Stress Resistance Salt & Drought tolerance, Freezing & Chilling Tolerance.

Uses of Immuno – Organic fertilizer?

The effects of IMMUNO application have been tested on diverse plant crops including flowers, vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, Chillis, citrus crops and potatoes and the results was outstanding.

IMMUNO is rich in plant essential micronutrients, such as nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus which are usually deficient in soil due to plants requiring and absorbing these elements in substantial amounts. That is why the plants need supplements to make up for it faster germination of seeds as well as better stem and plant growth.

The in IMMUNO enter the plant system and improve disease resistance.

Product Usage benefits the customer.

  • No plant Burning fear due to the wrong dose of chemical nutrient.
  • No plant burning fear due to wrong doses of chemical nutrients. Batch to batch consistency
  • Boost up the Immuno system.
  • Better flower enhancer
  • Controls the flower dropping.
  • Fruit setting and healthy shining.
  • System Acquired Resistance (SAR)

Recommended Crops All Vegetables and Cereals, Flowers, Horticulture

Dosage Foliar Spray 3-5 Ml Per Acer,

Drip irrigation 2-3 Ltr per Acer.

Packing 500ml, 1Ltr, 5Ltr, 20Ltr