Cyto is the very Rare combination of Botanical Extract oil based and fish oil is one of the main ingredients..


Please note that cyto is not chemical poison to kill it instantly. If this happen with organic pesticide then it is not truly organic. Then It will kill honey bees and other friendly insects too.

How Cyto protect plant ?
After spray in 2-3 Hrs, you will find that 30% of insect are dead or struggling for life and other 70% are alive but stopped their eating. and after 48 Hrs you will find that 90-100% are dead

Cyto has following mode of action

    • Insects does not have nose for breathing, they do breathing through their skin, so when their skin comes in contact with Cyto solution, Cyto dissolved their liquid of their skin holes, so their holes get swelling and they can not breath, they die by suffocation in 3Hrs.
    • Other can not eat due to repellent smell of Cyto, due to its test their ability to identify food get destroyed and they stop eating, also they can not identify female so stop reproduction. This happen due to very spicy smelling and air floating molecules of Cyto.
    • As Cyto act dissolve body fluid of insect in first mode of action, on the same way, Cyto dissolve insect egg covers, so when Cyto spray comes in contact with eggs, these eggs get dissolved and get dead.

Cyto advantages in plant

      • Pollinators Friendly and predaters Friendly, so no harm to Butterflys and Honeybees and spiders etc…
      • 100%Environment Eco friendly…
      • Very effective on all types of Insects,
      • Works as Broad Spectrum Pesticide.
      • Plant extracts provides various useful alkaloids which increases plants SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance).
      • Can be sprayed on the soil at Soil Preparation Stage to control soil insects.
      • Dos not carry any residue in harvest.

Foliar Spray 1.5ml to 2ml per liter.

Packing 250ml, 500ml,


    • Fish Oil
    • Custard Apple Oil
    • Danti
    • Karanj Oil
    • Neem oil etc…