Present Concept of Uprooting and destroying the virus affected plants is totally over ruled by EnViro + Immuno regular sprays on infected plants helps in taking 30-50% marketable crops from infected plants.

Only Herb Based Antivirus in the world can be used to preventive and curative action being herbal based no side effects, control wide range of viruses. Very effectively controls of 81 (approx) types of viral diseases on plants.

No Chemical either as a preservative or solvent is used, Ideal for IPM Strategies can be used till the last day of harvesting.

The Results are more prominent on the reproductive parts such as flowers and the fruits.

EnViro + Immuno Mode of Action

  • The Medicine enters the plant through the stomata opening and the Trans located into the plant system through the vascular bundles, it enters effected plant cell encapsulates the viron particles.
  • Reduces the multiplication of the viron particles through various phases.
  • In healthy plants EnViro + Immuno forms protective layer under the cuticle and the damaged tissues stopping the virus entry in the plant cell system.

Curative Spray after the infection of virus on the crops mainly plant 2 Sprays at 4 days intervals & then repeat the spray for every 10 days.

Preventive Spray at every 10 – 15 Days,

Compatibility All Pesticides.

DosageEnViro 5ml + Immuno 5ml / Ltr of water.

Application Method Foliar Spray.

Packing 500ml, 1Ltr..


  • Retards the losses that takes place due to virus infection mainly flower drop and non marketable fruits and slow growth of the plant.
  • It immediately stops the transition of viron particles from the infected to the healthy plants after one spray.
  • The results are more pronounced on the reproductive stage that is the flowers and the fruits shows better symptoms of recovery in comparison to leaves.
  • Flowers and Fruits very much attractive and Healthy.


Astragalus, Shilajit, Lantana, Camera, Datura Metal, Boehara diffuse Cow Manure,Etc…