Enhances the Biodiversity & Soil Fertility to eliminate the synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides & genetically modified organisms, Organic Agriculture minimizes pollution of Air Soil and Water.

Beneficial Biodiversity such as soil organisms, Parasitoids, pollinators etc…

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Choose YK Laboratories to help India feed on organic foods.

Agriculture produced with organic manure has been widely recognized world over as a more sustainable solution to agriculture problems by restoring soil health, enhancing human health and minimizing negative impacts on the environment. With increasing health consciousness, environmental concerns, and awareness.

We aim to give high-performance organic manure to farmers for achieving a significant and sustainable increase in agriculture production through environmental free and pollinators free products, realize the importance & impact of ecological balance, environmental pollution, resource utilization and recycling & sustainable environment.

We YK Laboratories manufacturing of certified organic inputs especially Botanical Virucide, Fungicide water base and Botanical Insecticide & Sucking pest oil base, with the aid of Medicinal plants and related alkaloids which controls and suppress the multiplication of Bacterial and Fungal growth.

We have developed the capability to match international quality standards stringent user requirements through continuous Field trials on my YK Farm Land which we cultivate organically all vegetables and flowers and cereals, horticulture crops, located in Hyderabad, INDIA. It improves the product quality and batch to batch consistency and reproducibility according to the climatic conditions.